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Power Generation & Marine

Providing tailored maintenance and repair solutions for your power generators

Mader Group offers a comprehensive range of generator servicing, preventative maintenance and repair services.

With years of experience servicing all types of generators, our mechanically minded experts ensure minimum downtime, quality and reliability on all generator service and repair work. Regardless of whether you have a single generator or a complete power system, we have the extra muscle and expertise to service your equipment -fast.

Mader provides comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure that your generator stays in good condition and operating efficiently. Maintenance is one of the most important factors in minimizing unplanned downtime, but if you experience a generator breakdown we have a priority callout team who are ready to assist you!

What we're made of:

  • Land-based power gen services 
  • Marine-based power gen services 
  • Marine propulsion
  • Priority callouts in emergencies 
  • Power equipment industry experts
  • Mechanically minded experts 
  • Marine Engineers

What we specialise in:

  • Standby/prime mechanical maintenance 
  • Breakdowns, servicing & repairs 
  • Engine overhauls & midlife repairs 
  • Load testing & commissioning 
  • Mechanical & electrical installations
  • Power station installations
  • Power station operator maintainer
  • Port to port repairs 

Ready to go, without delay 

Our team is made up of highly skilled experts, with the latest tooling and software for today's power equipment and control systems. The power generation team are fully inducted, experienced and ready to go. With high-quality OEM trained engine experts and marine engineers, we can keep you powering 24/7.

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