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Maintenance Projects

Need a standout taskforce onsite to oversee major maintenance projects, MEM workshops or maintain dedicated fleets?

Mader Group offers end-to-end maintenance project solutions for customers across WA’s Pilbara Region. Achieve massive efficiency savings by allocating a high energy specialist team to maintain and repair your heavy equipment year round or for short or long term project engagements.

Since 2005, Mader has continuously challenged industry norms whilst keeping our finger on the pulse of the mining sector. We’re proud to give owner miners and contract miners alike an opportunity to access OEM quality maintenance services at a sustainable price point through our Maintenance Project Solutions (MPS) service.

Consistently working to identify new ways to better facilitate our clients’ needs, this service is designed to mobilise a team of maintenance personnel to manage dedicated fleets and workshops, ensuring uncompromised, top tier machine performance around the clock.

Mader has proved that achieving availability and reliability targets can be achieved in a cost effective manner by working cooperatively with transparency and accountability. By expanding our service to implement the MPS option, we are able to alleviate the consistent concerns that many of our customers experience when faced with labour shortages, leave coverage, logistical challenges and monitoring of safety performance and asset management. 

What we're made of

  • Highly diversified teams of mechanical specialists
  • Supervisors and Coordinators
  • A wide range of electrical maintenance experts
  • Auxiliary support services including Line Boring, A/C maintenance, Storepersons and Trade Assistants
  • Mader Clean Team

Ready to go, without delay

Whether it’s five loading units or 100 hauling units, we can guarantee you’ll have the right team and blend of skillsets to support you, the project and your production goals. Our team of mechanical specialists boast highly diversified maintenance knowledge built through years of experience working across a wide variety of equipment, workshops and contrasting operational environments. 

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