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Trade Upgrade Program

An opportunity for industry leaders to work together to reduce the skills gap and create long term career pathways for Dual Trade Mechanics

Make valuable cost savings and take a strategic approach to workforce planning by integrating our upskilled Dual Trade Mechanics into your team today

'Trade Upgrade' is a tailored program developing Light Vehicle and Road Transport Mechanics into qualified Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics for placement into the mining sector.

The 18 month program includes 10 weeks of TAFE training and 15 months on-site learning in the field. TAFE training combines classroom based learning and simulated training environments to prepare participant for diverse mining workspaces across a range of customers.

Dual Trade Mechanics are available for ‘tap on, tap off’ support, offering customers a cost effective alternative to equipment maintenance and a strategic approach to filling labour force requirements. 

Workforce planning

This flexible labour supply is the perfect short or long term solution to workplace planning, allowing customers to integrate our Mechanics into their maintenance teams without payroll pains or obligations.

Mentored by some of the best mechanical minds in the business, they are well prepared for all site and workshop environments and obtain well-rounded knowledge with a strong focus on safety and compliance.

They have 24/7 access to experienced Mader mentors and are backed by a highly knowledgeable management team and an extended support network for technical, HR and OHS guidance.


Ready to go, without delay - no upfront costs

Our Mechanics are trained, work ready and are available for placement today - available at rates considerably lower than a regular Mechanic!

Our participants represent the Mader brand with a can-do, positive attitude and will transition seamlessly into a diverse range of rosters and locations.

Reduce the skills gap

Here at Mader, we plan for the future. With skill shortages threatening workplace efficiencies, our Trade Upgrade Program aims to bridge the gap and feed qualified Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics into the mining sector. Our highly motivated Mechanics are now supporting a range of customers across the country. 

As an industry leader in equipment maintenance, we recognise the importance of growing and developing the workforce of tomorrow. The program not only empowers tradespeople to tackle the workplace challenges of the future, but it also gives back to the mining sector. We aim to support the mining industry by providing an effective long-term solution that creates a lasting difference. 

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We have work ready Mechanics available for placement today! Get in touch to discuss how we can help you integrate them into your workforce.

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