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Mader Clean Team

Team based solution for high quality wash and cleans

Maintain your mobile plant equipment and facilities in a safe and environmental fashion with our NEW industrial wash and clean services.

The Mader Clean Team is backed by a crew of experienced staff and headed by a team leader who will manage your equipment washing services from end-to-end.

Enjoy quality workmanship and proactive solutions designed to help you reduce your environmental footprint and achieve your machine availability targets through quality routine cleans in record time.

Our durable clean machine is built to withstand extreme Pilbara conditions (50˚C+ climates) and offers a range of pressure hoses for highly thorough and targeted cleans (low-pressure hoses ensure gentle high quality cleans/high-pressure hoses remove stubborn dirt build-up).

No matter the size or state of your earthmoving equipment, we’ll get the job done to the highest standard.

What we're made of

  • Available for short or long term support or packaged with Shut execution
  • Truck with Class B Hot wash and High Volume unit
  • Trailer with Class B Hot wash unit and built-in working platform
  • Team leader to manage projects from end-to-end
  • Trained and qualified Wash technicians
  • Quality workmanship and exceptional cleans guaranteed

Ready to go, without delay

The Mader Clean Team is the perfect service to complement project work and shutdowns. Free up your skilled labour and optimise valuable production time, call in our Mader Clean Team today.

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