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Air Conditioning Service

Our Air Conditioning Technicians are fully equipped for servicing, repairs and breakdowns.

Mader Group is now offering a specialised Air Conditioner Maintenance Service across WA's Pilbara Region. 

Working in the Australian heat without air conditioning can pose serious health risks when not properly accounted for. We understand the importance of a cool cab environment and have highly skilled technicians ready to service and maintain your air conditioning systems, ensuring manageable temperatures for those operating mining equipment. 

Equipped with the appropriate tooling needed to repair, service and overhaul air conditioning systems quickly and safely, our air conditioning specialists are able to operate at non-powered worksites with minimal downtime.

What we're made of

  • Experienced Auto Electricians and Air Conditioning Technicians
  • Self-servicing air conditioning trailer
  • Fully equipped for servicing, repairs and breakdowns
  • Pre-seasonal fleet audits
  • Full system rebuilds
  • Dust proofing for operator cabs
  • Installation of air conditioning units
  • Permanent/seasonal site support
  • Fully inducted for all sites

Ready to go, without delay

With a wide range of parts for all makes and models stocked in our mobile trailer, we’re able to get your equipment back up and running at optimal performance in record time. Our extensive knowledge, experience and tools will ensure quality solutions and workmanship every time.

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