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Shareholder Information

If you have further questions about Mader Group's business operations and results, our shareholder information can assist. 

Broker Coverage

Mader Group Limited is proud to be covered by a number of reputable analysts. Details for covering brokers are available below.

Bell Potter

Joseph House – Resources Analyst


+61 3 9235 1624

Euroz Hartleys

Gavin Allen – Head of Research


+61 8 9488 1413

Shaw and Partners

Philip Pepe - Senior Analyst


+61 2 9238 1589


Aryan Norozi - Founding Principal Emerging Companies Research


+61 2 9903 6186

MA Moelis Australia

Matthew Chen VP Equities


+61 2 8074 0872

Unified Capital Partners

Jonathon Higgins - Head of Research, MD


+61 3 9063 3066


Media and Investor Contacts

If you have further questions about Mader Group's business operations and results, our teams can assist. 

For investor related enquiries, contact investor.relations@madergroup.com.au 

For media and communications enquiries, contact marketing@madergroup.com.au 


Mader Group Employees

Mader employees who invested at the time of the IPO, will find their holdings held with the Computershare Registry unless they have been transferred these to another trading platform or stockbroker.

You can view your shareholdings or update your personal details (including investor account details, address, bank details etc.) via the Computershare Investor Portal. Shareholders will require their SRN or HIN number to register a new login.

Please direct Computershare Registry account enquiries:

Telephone (within Aus):

1300 850 505

Telephone (outside Aus):

+61 (8) 9323 2000


+61 (8) 9323 2033




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