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Mader, More than a Job.

Mader Group’s robust reputation is built on a proven track record of providing top quality work in a professional and timely manner.

We have our staff to thank for that.


Our people are our greatest asset and it shows through the delivery of exceptional service, unremitting staff growth and ever-improving staff retention within a typically transient industry. Mader Group is an innovative Global Company structured to encourage mateship, trust, and an engaged workforce. Our management team are made up of some of the most experienced minds in the business. Many are former Mader tradespeople, able to support the team on the ground through longstanding industry expertise.

Organisation and Culture

Our strong name is the result of a solid foundation of happy and healthy employees we can count on. At Mader, every employee is a stakeholder in the business that we want to listen to and learn from. We are proud to be backed by a dedicated and talented team.

Besides working alongside some great mates, Mader also provides the following benefits

  • Top rates in the industry
  • Flexible lifestyle rosters tailored to your needs (perfect for families or travel lovers)
  • Company ute opportunities
  • Work alongside some of the best tradespeople in the industry
  • Frequent retention bonuses/pay increases (vary with business unit — ask within)
  • ‘Mates of Mader’ referral cash reward scheme for successful employee referrals
  • Team building and networking events twice a month
  • Access to Travel Club – amazing travel offers and 24/7 support whilst overseas
  • A variety of work with some of the biggest players in the industry across the major mining regions of WA, SA, NSW, QLD and NT.
  • Opportunities to work with Mader International for $USD in Africa, Asia or South America
  • Upskilling and training opportunities including trade upgrades, tickets and more.
  • Salary sacrificing arrangements for personal items such as tooling, holidays, cars etc.
  • Toolbox insurance
  • Commencement PPE including work boots and annual renewal
  • Free and confidential counselling service through our Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee of the Year winners annual trip (2015/2016 winners were flown to Vietnam and 2017 winners were flown to USA!)
  • Annual Years of Service and Employee of the Year awards
  • Financial advisory services through partner companies

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Positions available

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