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Employee Benefits

Mader, it's more than a job!

Our strong name is the result of a solid foundation of happy and healthy employees we can count on. At Mader, every employee is a stakeholder in the business that we want to listen to and learn from. We are proud to be backed by a dedicated and talented team.


Besides working alongside some great mates, Mader also provides the following benefits

  • Competitive industry rates
  • Paid long service leave
  • Company ute opportunities
  • Frequent team building and networking events
  • Flexible lifestyle rosters tailored to your needs (perfect for families or travel lovers)
  • Varied work with the biggest players in the industry across the major mining regions of the world
  • Opportunities to work with Mader International in Africa & Asia
  • Access to a variety of sites, regions and equipment including division transfers, state transfers and leadership opportunities (regular communication of new job opportunities)
  • Upskilling and training opportunities 
  • 'Employee of the Year' Awards (past winners enjoyed trips to Vietnam, the USA and Latin America)
  • Annual Years of Service incentives
  • Salary sacrificing for personal items including cars, tooling and more
  • Toolbox insurance (for tooling in transit)
  • Work alongside some of the best tradespeople in the industry


The below benefits are available for our Australian employees

  • The Mates of Mader employee referral program offers cash incentives for successful referrals!
  • Free and confidential counselling service for staff and immediate family members through our Employee Assistance Program
  • Discounted health insurance
  • Specialised mortgage broking services
  • Flat rate accountancy services through a mining professional specialist
  • Financial advisory services on income insurance and superannuation 
  • Access to complimentary property investment discovery/strategy sessions and comprehensive property market insights across Australia
  • Discounted memberships at selected gyms and health clubs
  • VIP treatment at Total Tools retail outlets actross Australia
  • Accommodation discounts with select accommodation providers
  • Access to exclusive home building upgrades (Western Australia only)
  • Adventure discounts through Rottnest Express, Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge and Ventur Atlas
  • Opportunities to transfer to the USA or Canada through our Global Pathways Program

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