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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

The driving forces behind our purpose as an organisation and how we conduct ourselves during day to day operations.

Our Vision is to be known as a world class, best practice mining and civil support company that does what it says it will do and delivers on...

  • Safety & environmental outcomes
  • Value and consistency of skilled labour
  • Reliable, best of class services

Our Values

Backed by a 1000+ strong team of dynamic and skilled individuals, our rapid growth has been a testament to our core values. Central to all of our operations and decision-making, our core values drive us to achieve project objectives with outstanding customer service.


We are committed to and responsible for servicing, operating and delivering heavy machinery and consistently providing a professional and reliable service.

Ethical Behaviour

We behave responsibly, honestly and with integrity at all times and make decisions with a moral, environmental and safety conscience.  


We are open to change and proactively respond to project conditions and opportunities by implementing innovative ideas. We regularly review our level of success, our people and our service to continuously improve as a service provider. 

Health and Safety

We value our health and safety in all aspects of our work. If we identify risk we will endeavour to mitigate that risk with changes in procedure or equipment.


We always listen to, appreciate and respect others in order to build relationships and an organisation culture based on trust and fairness for everyone.  


We always aim to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We take full responsibility of our actions and their outcomes.

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