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Geared for Safety

Geared for Safety

At Mader, we’re geared for safety. Safety isn’t a choice; it’s part of our DNA and engrained in our culture.

At Mader, safety isn’t a choice; it’s part of our DNA and engrained in our culture.  

Safety goes beyond just us, it’s a shared responsibility that extends to our workmates, customers, and leadership team.  

  • Geared to prioritise our safety.
  • Geared to watch out for our workmates.
  • Geared to deliver quality work safely to our customers.
  • Geared to return home safe to our loved ones.

Let’s remain geared for safety; every shift, every day, as we work together to drive the pursuit of zero harm.  

A leading and preferred provider

With a long history of providing skilled work safely in the most testing of mining environments, you can be sure Mader staff are geared for safety. By building on our enviable safety record, we aim to continue to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, while maintaining our reputation for quality work delivered on time.

Access to safety

Building an open and transparent environment is crucial to ensuring a safe workforce.

  • All Mader employees have 24/7 access to Mader Safety Policies and Procedures through the Mader Mobile App.
  • Mader safety campaigns, incidents and operational updates are communicated across managers regularly, with key updates distributed to the full workforce.

List of current policies

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy MA-POL-001
  • Quality Policy MA-POL-018
  • Environmental Policy MA-POL-006
  • Injury Management Policy MA-POL-003
  • Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Policy MA-POL-005
  • Indigenous Employment Policy MA-POL-020
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy MA-POL-002

Please contact our HSE Manager if you require access to any of the above policies. 

Life Saving Rules

We keep ourselves, our workmates and customers geared for safety by following nine vital 'Life Saving Rules'.

The following behaviours outline non-negotiable rules for all Mader employees whereby any breaches are followed with progressive disciplinary consequences.

  • I will isolate and confirm the isolation of all equipment before starting any work;
  • I will ensure all electrical energy sources have been identified and isolated;
  • I will use appropriate working at heights restraint equipment where required;
  • I will never work in the line of fire of a suspended load;
  • I will ensure my vehicle is safe for driving, I will drive responsibly and to conditions and I will ensure that a journey management plan is in place and followed when appropriate;
  • I will be fit for work while operating company equipment or vehicles;
  • I will proactively identify, report and take action on risks, incident and near misses;
  • I will wear/use all appropriate and supplied PPE for the task I am carrying out; and
  • I will only undertake a task when it is safe to do so after completing individual risk assessments for each job.

If employees are in a situation where they feel they may breach a Life Saving Rule, they are asked to stop work and consult their Supervisor or Manager.

Geared to invest in wellbeing

Our strong name is the result of a solid foundation of happy and healthy employees we can count on. Our employees are our business and our biggest investment. Ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of each and every staff member is the key to building a resilient workforce.

  • Mental health first aid training courses
  • Discounts for physiotherapy sessions with Life Ready Physio (Western Australia only)
  • Discounted health insurance through Bupa (Australia only)
  • Hear fit tests at our Mader Maintenance Centre
  • Partnership with Pace National for injury management

Geared to lead the pursuit of zero harm

As we grow, remote management becomes more challenging. We're educating and equipping our leadership teams with tools for better business performance. Success stems from improved leadership, resulting in better-performing and more satisfied staff. Team leaders, better equipped to handle challenges, experience less stress, which helps build a flexible, scalable organization adept at change.

In any great organisation, people are the most valuable asset. Our Safety Leadership training is a crucial ‘enabler’ for unleashing the best in our teams. We've established a training pathway for our management and coordination teams, and in-field leaders to continually enhance workplace safety. Leadership skills are essential to encourage teams to excel and address safety risks proactively, effectively mitigating accidents or incidents.

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